Coffeescript and QR Codes

The emerging prevalence of QR codes is slowly turning the urban landscape into a hyperlinked, cyber-punk augmented reality. These blocky, alien codes connect the terrestrial landscape with the limitless possibility of the Internet.

For generating your own QR codes and turning your neighborhood into a Snowcrash-esque hyperreality; I present Blocky: A Client-side QR code library written in CoffeeScript.

Blocky began as a way to generate configurable QR codes without relying on any 3rd party service. All QR code generation is performed clientside and displayed via HTML5 . I’m currently adding support for SVG and other types of display methods should the need arise. At it’s core, Blocky uses the awesome SVG library created by Kazuhiko Arasé. [1]

Let’s generate some funky QR codes!

The constructor signature looks like this:

new Blocky( QR_code_message, id_of_container , config_object)

A element is appended to the container.

The config object takes the following values:

Try out these color_scheme values to get started: watermelon , wedding, arctic or spicy.

Check out the project on Github: Blocky on GitHub


[1] QR code lib by Kazuhiko Arasé

2 QR codes Wikipedia: [][4]

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